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  • Selection of toasted breads & butter
  • Rustic Portuguese baguette & butter


  • olive oil and balsamic
  • truffle butter
  • black olive tapenade
  • sundried tomato pesto
  • eggplant curry spread
  • Lakeside fromage blanc
  • Portuguese style sardine pate
  • chicken and smoked duck mousse


  • served with toasted bread

  • Jamon Serrano

    12+ months aged Spanish ham

  • Jamon Iberico de Bellota

    36+ months aged black Iberian pork

  • Chorizo Iberico

    Iberian black pork chorizo

  • Chorico Portuguese

    pork chorizo flamed with grappa

  • House Cured Beef

    CAB striploin, horseradish mayo

  • Smoked Duck Carpaccio

    truffle oil, arugula


  • douanier (Quebec)

    surface-ripened soft cheese with an ash line

  • Lakeside original (Sturgeon County)

    soft cheese with a washed rind, Lakeside Farmstead

  • Chaga cheddar (Sturgeon County)

    chaga mushroom infused cheddar style hard cheese

  • manchego (Spain)

    12 month aged hard sheep cheese

  • primadonna (Holland)

    gouda style hard cheese

  • talleggio DOP (Italy)

    semi-soft, washed rind ripened cheese

  • queijo de ovelha (Portugal)

    semi-soft ripened sheep cheese


    Jamon Serrano, chorizo Iberico, house cured beef striploin

  • Cheese Board

    choice of three

  • Meat & Cheese Board

    jamon serrano, chorizo Iberico, house cured beef striploin,
    chaga cheddar, douanier, manchego, cherry tomatoes with
    bocconcini, marinated olives


  • Fresh Salt Spring Mussels

    Indo-Portuguese coconut curry, fresh baguette

  • Fresh BC Clams

    white wine, olive oil, garlic, onions, cilantro, fresh baguette

  • Grilled Piri Piri Prawns

    mixed greens, pimento aioli

  • Grilled Spanish Octopus

    black olive tapanade

  • Grilled Calamari

    putanesca sauce

  • Piri Piri Dusted Fried Calamari

    mixed lettuce greens, cucumber aioli

  • Fresh Scallops

    cucumber, avocado, green onion salsa

  • Fresh Seafood Cakes

    prawns, scallops, halibut, mixed lettuce greens, saffron aioli

  • Braised Boar Cheek

    mash potato, red wine jus, crispy onion


  • Chicken and Chorizo Paella

    piri piri aioli

  • Seafood Paella
  • Mixed Paella

    chicken, chorizo, seafood

  • Signature Lobster Risotto
  • Lobster and Prawn Tagliatelle

    saffron, tomato and cream


  • Mushroom and Truffle Risotto

    exotic mushrooms, roasted cauliflower

  • Vegetable Paella

    peas, green beans, red pepper, carrot, grilled artichokes

  • Indo-Portuguese Vegetable Curry

    cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, carrot

  • Gnocchi

    house made gnocchi, cava cream sauce, roasted vegetables, fresh parm


  • Grilled Meats Platter

    tenderloin, lamb, wild boar, chicken, Spanish chorizo sausage, patatas bravas, brussel sprouts

  • Seafood Platter

    two 5oz lobster tails, fresh scallops, piri piri prawns, fried calamari, mussels and clams, crab risotto


  • Minumum 2 people

    three appetizers, two types of fresh fish, lobster risotto, dessert

    PLEASE NOTE: There are no substitutions for family style dinners, thank you for understanding.


  • House Marinated Olives
  • Grilled Marinated Baby Artichokes
  • ricotta-stuffed piquillo peppers

    (2pcs) stuffed with ricotto, green onions, reduced balsamic

  • brushchetta

    (2pcs) fresh baguette, fromage blanc, grape tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil

  • Bacon-wrapped Dates

    manchego cheese, reduced balsamic and quince

  • empanadillas

    (4pcs) choice of: beef, lamb, prawn or spinach with sundried tomato and manchego cheese

  • Serrano Ham & Cheese Croquettes

    (2pcs) honey mustard mayo

  • Portugese Salt Cod Fritters

    (5pcs) citrus aioli

  • Garlic Prawns

    (6pcs)olive oil, white wine, chilis

  • Grilled Sardine Fillets

    (6pcs) Portuguese molho verde


  • Creme De Marisco

    Portugeues seafood bisque - prawns, crab, lobster (contains dairy, alcohol and gluten)

  • Seafood Soup

    Portugese seafood broth - prawns, fresh fish, mussels, clams

  • Caldo Verde

    Portuguese kale soup - potato, kale and chorizo
    Vegan available (no chorizo)


  • Caesar salad

    romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, white anchovies, house made Caesar dressing

  • Five Tomato Salad

    Gull Valley tomatoes, Italian burrata, house made red wine vinaigrette

  • Spinach Salad

    fresh pear, goat cheese, pine nuts, mustard vinaigrette

  • Ensalada Mista

    mixed lettuce greens, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions, house made balsamic vinaigrette


  • Catch of the Day

    fresh fish with lobster risotto

  • Halibut and Prawns

    Cava and cream, paella style saffron rice

  • Chilean Seabass

    cornbread crumb gremolata, black risotto

  • Chilean Seabass W/ Lobster Risotto

    cornbread crumb gremolata, black risotto

  • Bacalhau Frito

    Nova Scotia salt cod, flour-dusted and pan fried - served on potato puree with Spanish sofrito. Garnished with black olive, onion and red pepper.

  • Grilled Octopus

    nut-free romesco, green pepper and jalapeno crema, rapini piquillo peppers and roasted garlic baby potatoes


  • Piri Piri Chicken Supreme

    home cut fries, Ceasar or mixed greens salad

  • Beef Tenderloin

    AAA filet (6oz or 8oz), red wine jus, grilled asparagus, hotel potato

  • Three Boars

    grilled Iberico pork, roasted pork belly, braised cheeks, mixed mushroom risotto

  • Lamb Rack

    individually roasted chops, eggplant curry puree, grilled vegetables, mint and parsley oil



 (with accompanying sauce)

  • 6oz AAA tenderloin filet

    red wine jus

  • 8oz AAA tenderloin filet

    red wine jus

  • 10oz AAA Spinalis (ribeye cap)

    red wine jus

  • 10oz AAA Ribeye (center cut)

    truffle butter

  • 6oz A5 Kobe Striploin
  • 12OZ Kobe Striploin
  • 10oz lamb rack-chops (5)

    eggplant curry puree

  • 8oz Iberico pork (presa cut)

    red wine jus

  • 10oz Iberico pork (pluma cut)

    red wine jus

  • chicken supreme

    piri piri cream sauce


6 oz (upon availability)

  • Chilean seabass
  • BC halibut
  • Pacific Stripe bass
  • BC sablefish (black cod)
  • BC king salmon
  • Yukon Arctic Char


  • 5-6oz lobster tail
  • fresh NS scallops (3)
  • grilled piri piri prawns (3)
  • lobster risotto
  • mushroom risotto
  • black risotto
  • tagliatelle-saffron cream
  • vegetable paella rice
  • grilled vegetables
  • roasted vegetables and potato
  • mix mushrooms
  • grilled asparagus
  • brussel sprouts
  • garlic fingerling potatoes
  • patatas bravas
  • baked potato puree
  • house fries
  • truffle aioli
  • mista salad
  • caesar salad
  • tomato salad

    no burrata

Not all ingredients are listed. Please inform server of any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to ordering.
Separate checks are not available on tables of nine or more guests.

There are no substitutions.
Thank you for understanding.